Attach Drug R+ to your own SQL server

SQL database of DRUG R+ is available. For downloading click on the below link.

Click here to download a SQL version of DrugR+. You need a SQL Server with version 2008 or higher.

After downloading the database files, extract and copy them into one of the existing directories. Then, open query analyzer of the SQL SERVER and write the codes which are shown in Fig.1. By runing the codes, the files will be attached to your SQL management and will be available for using. Pay attention that SQL server version 2008 or higher versions are needed.

Fig.1: Attach Drug R+ to your own SQL server

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Masoudi-Sobhanzadeh, Y., Omidi, Y., Amanlou, M., & Masoudi-Nejad, A. (2019). DrugR+: A comprehensive relational database for drug repurposing, combination therapy, and replacement therapy. Computers in Biology and Medicine.

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