Question: How can we report tachnical problems?
Answer: For this purpose, please send your questions and technical issues to

Question: Which of the SQL statments can be used in the search section?
Answer: The users can only utilize select operations. In other words, insert, delete and update operations are not permited.

Question: What is the difference between Drug R+ and Drug bank dataset?
Answer: Drug R+ is based on data of drug-bank database. Meanwhile, it provides features which are not available in Drug-bank. For example, professional users can run nested queries and acquire their results. In addition, all of users can export their acquired results to an excel file. Above all, single and synthetic drug repurposing are available in Drug R+. Also, Drug R+ includes four datasets for drug repurposing applications using machine learning methods.

Question: When is Drug R+ updated?
Answer: Periodically, Drug-bank publishes a flat file of its data. Max after one day, Drug R+ is updated using the published flat file.

Question: How can we improve the performance of searches?
Answer: The speed of queris dependes on several factros like speed of internet, nature of query, our servers, etc. However, it is advised that you limit your search space by adding proper constraints.

Question: I do not get any result when i run a query. What is the problem?
Answer: It seems that your season time has been expired. Please refresh the page and run the query again. If you dont acquire the results, it means that your query is incorrect.

Question: How can i export information of all drugs?
Answer:Due to traffic limitation, the volume of data which can be downloade has been confined. However, you can acquire your desired results in several steps. For example, you can choose 2000 records in every query and export them.

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Masoudi-Sobhanzadeh, Y., Omidi, Y., Amanlou, M., & Masoudi-Nejad, A. (2019). DrugR+: A comprehensive relational database for drug repurposing, combination therapy, and replacement therapy. Computers in Biology and Medicine.

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